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The Phenix Statement
Phenix Corporate Values

  • The new world of Phenix sports blends function, fashion and ideas. All of us at Phenix are committd to five values.

  • IDEA!

    Ideas for enjoying sports more are part of our corporate DNA.

    Our ideas make it more pleasant to enjoy sports more. Cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated functionality alone cannot satisfy customer needs. Developing ways to give sports a "spirit of play" is part of our corporate DNA that we inherited from founder Kazuo Tajima.
    Phenix wants to be the sportswear brand that creates an entirely new world by blending functionality to eliminate stress on the athlete's body, fashion that reduces mental stress, and new ideas for enjoying sports more. By continually reaffirming this concept, which we refer to as the Phenix Sports System, we will aggressively reflect these elements in our products.
    We base our own branded products on the Phenix Sports System, and first incorporated this concept in the outdoor wear category.


    Challenging spirit, a tradition since our founding.

    Kazuo Tajima, the founder of Phenix, helped popularize skiing in Japan. Among his many and varied accomplishments, he developed plastic skis, promoted faltboote (folding kayak) kayaking, and was one of the first Japanese to master waterskiing. Tajima also developed a ski resort in Shiga Kogen and was the first to use mannequins and living plants in displays of sporting goods. As these anecdotes show, he had a bold challenging spirit and h4 curiosity, which led to his keen spirit of play. This spirit remains a major strength of Phenix to this day.
    This Spirit has resonated with leading Japanese athletes including alpine skier Akira Sasaki and world-famous adventurer Ken Noguchi, who became our partners. With their input, Phenix will continue to surprise the sports world.
    In our overseas operations, we are meeting new challenges beyond the narrow confines of sportswear, while taking advantage of the reputations of the athletes who wear of our products.


    High-function products born from a commitment to quality.

    To allow customers to share sports' greatest joys, Phenix pays close attention to the quality of every detail of all its products. We will maintain this commitment in the future.
    We have been working to perfect new, stress-free wear for all sports by using "DEOSEAM," a textile that embodies its own deodorant properties; "4DM," a four-dimensional dynamic fabric-cutting method, "Outlast," a temperature-control material developed for aerospace gloves; and many other of today's latest methods and materials. Our own technical research center in Niigata develops high-function sportswear based on sports dynamics and locomotion physiology, while building collaborative ties with our manufacturing plant in Shanghai. We are proud to say that our Shanghai facility produces the industry's highest quality goods.
    Phenix is ready to work even harder to make sports more enjoyable for even more customers through its high-quality, highly functional products.


    Higher levels of fashion and designs.

    Most people want to look fashionable in their sportswear. To meet this emotional need, Phenix designs sportswear that can double as casual wear in both town and country - the sort of sportswear that heightens wearers' spirits and allows them to experience the spirit of sports.
    We have introduced to Japan such leading global brands as Kappa and BOGNER. We have also become the world's first clothing maker to be licensed by the famed Masters, the most prestigious of the four top golf tournaments in the world and held at the Master's beautiful course. Phenix has thus always maintained a global perspective, offering quality, stylish wear. In the process, we have chosen to adapt attractive Italian prints to our line for women and developed clothing based on car designs jointly with I.DE.A, an industrial design firm based in Torino. We also produced the "F1 Pilot Week" in Europe. This event recounted the elegant and exciting vacations taken by F1 Grand Prix drivers. As these examples indicate, Phenix is in constant pursuit of new, sophisticated designs that both anticipate and cause change.
    We will continue to help broaden the world of sportswear by blending a high sense of fashionable design with the utmost in functionality.


    Partnerships based on shared love of sports.

    We want to share the spirit of play for greater enjoyment of sports with more and more people. To this end, we are meeting the challenges of building a new world of sportswear by proactively partnering with leading members of the fashion and other non-sportswear industries. Through collaboration with companies with different DNAs, our scope of expressions in sportswear is expanding rapidly.
    By focusing on these five values, Phenix will continue to support all people who enjoy sports. While placing the customer first, we seek to become a fully trusted name that contributes positively to our communities, society at large, and the world. We will forever meet challenges beyond the framework of a sportswear maker.