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Management and Business Products and Developments
1952 Kazuo Tajima establishes Ohtori Co., Ltd
1954 Successfully markets sportswear using Toray nylon materials.
1967 Changes name to Phenix Co.,Ltd(after the Legendary phoenix).Changes business from wholesale trader to manufacture. Technical tie-up with Bogner,Germany. Launches high-quality ski wear brand Bogner.
1971 Establishes Phenix Sewing Co.,Ltd. in Shibata City,Niigata. Begins manufacturing ski wear in Hong Kong.Successfully develops ski pants (W-Andock)
1972 Kazuhiko Tajima becomes president and Chief representative director.Phenix product Laboratory installed.
1975 Opens Sapporo office.
1976 Starts manufacturing ski wear in Shanghai, China.Lays foundations for high-quality Ski wear.
1977 Opens Osaka office. The Ski Association of Japan recognizes the company as an official supplier.
1978 Enters licensing agreement with the Augusta National Golf Club,America. Launches "Masters" brand of golf wear.
1979 Launches "lafont" brand ski wear.Uses Goretex in its ski wear ahead of the Competition.
1983 Launches "Kappa" brand athletic wear.
1984 American national team adopts "Kappa" as its official wear.
1985 Launches Kappa brand soccer wear. Signs contract with Juventus FC(Italy)
1992 Signs contract to become official supplier To FIS(Federation Internationale de Ski).
1993 Signs contract with FC Barcelona(Spain). Signs contract with Norwegian National Alpen Ski Team.
1994 Opens Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga. Establishes joint venture company "Shanghai Fengda Garment Co.,Ltd." in Shanghai,China. Signs contract with Bellmare Hiratsuka (currently Shonan Bellmare).
1995 Establishes second joint venture company "Shanghai Phenix Apparel Co.,Ltd." in Shanghai,China. Becomes official wear supplier to the Japanese national team at 95 interski Nozawa Onsen Congress.Launches Snowboard wear brand "x-nix." Signs contract with US snowboard team. Becomes official sponsor to the FIS Snowboard world cup,"x-nix cup."
1998 Launches "Phenix" brand outdoor wear.
1999 Italian national soccer team adopts "Kappa" as its official wear. Signs contract with Albirex Niigata.
2003 Launches "Kaats" brand of special Kaatsu Training wear.
2004 December 1,Orix Co.Ltd becomes Shareholder and a new Phenix rises.
2005 March 1,Kinichi Satoh becomes president And representative director.
2006 The Phenix Statement, announced on February 21st, 2006, represents the corporate values and directions of new PHENIX. Renewal of the corporate logo at the same time to symbolize Phenix's earnest launching into the market.
2007 Japan National Ski Team Official Supplier.(2007-2010)
2008 China DONGXIANG(Group) Co.,Ltd. becomes major shareholder. Chairman, Mr.Chen Yihong President, Mr.Sun Jianjun.
2009 Norwegian Ski Federation Alpine Team Official supplier.(2009-2014)
Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports Official supplier.(2009-2012)