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  • Phenix

    Phenix Outdoor

    In Japan, we sell outdoor wear with Phenix brand.Phenix's concept is to make products with Japanese own delicate and skillful details and different industry's product designs.

  • x-nix

    Action Sports 1

    X-NIX continues to offer snowboards which enable to riding sightly without stress.This brand is filled with rider's various feeling feedbacks on all sides.

  • inhabitant

    Action Sports 2

    Inhabitant is Japanese brand which proposes active youth culture's style for action sports or club d.j. such as surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, BMX, and skateboading.

  • Kappa

    Football, Athletics, Golf

    Born in Italy in 1950s, now a global athletics brand continuously offers Italian design tastes and superb functionality ever since. Brand Logo origins : A man and a woman sitting back to back symbolizes the origin of mankind, Adam and Eve. It signifies SPORT always returning to the starting point.